The Performance And Sports Psychology Center of Texas

Helps increases performance for  athletes,coaches , individuals and executives to help them achieve their maximum potential and performance. Under the guidance of Clinical and Sport Psychologist Dr. Victor Hirsch individuals work to increase  performance in their sport , business,or personal adventure. Overcome fears, increase confidence,improve personal bests, increase mental toughness, come back from injury or  break through psychological barriers. Do you “psych yourself out”before you begin or in your most critical moment. Is fear preventing you from going to the next level of gymnastics, tumbling as doing a  flip flop,  or return performance after  injury.  Using sport psychology , performance enhancement skill training  and clinically proven techniques to  achieve your goals and aspirations. Improve consistency and performance by  mastering the mental aspects of  your sport or skill or just enjoy yourself more and enhance your experiences.





About Dr. Hirsch


Dr.Hirsch is director of the performance and sports psychology center of Texas. Dr.Hirsch is a Licensed Clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience in clinical and sport psychology . He is a diplomat of sport psychology and has been sport psychology consultant to the Houston Astros, Rice University tennis team, professional tennis and golf for men and and women, high school football, basketball and baseball teams, as well athletes of all ages. Dr. Hirsch has been a competitive athlete most of his life and understands the mental struggles because he battled them early in his successful career. He dealt with injuries and high expectations. In high school he was one of the top milers in the state of Texas. He was successful in college and qualified for nationals in the steeplechase.  In his fifties he was the Texas 50 to 54 state champion in the 20 K bicycle race qualified for nationals in the 20K and 40 K and time trial. He continues to compete in his sixties using sport psychology and successful mental skills in cycling and stand up paddle boarding.




 In office consultation and distant consultation via phone, Skyline, and email. 


1025 E. main St. Suite 100, League City Texas 77573

Tel: 832-905-3111


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